Commanders news: Ron Rivera, Eric Bieniemy, injuries and Sam Howell

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Eric Bieniemy
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Ron Rivera's frank assessment

There's not been much reflection from Ron Rivera's standpoint despite his uncertain future. After another losing season - his fourth in succession since becoming Washington Commanders head coach - he's seen as a lame-duck who'll be immediately removed from the position by Josh Harris' ownership group after their Week 18 game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Rivera was more reflective when speaking to the media during what was probably his final Friday press conference on the job. He was quick to point out the difficult circumstances upon taking the job via Clutch Points. This involved being more of a manager than a coach thanks to the turmoil surrounding previous owner Dan Snyder.

"I managed for about three and a half years while I was here. I managed probably the last five weeks I’ve coached, getting back and doing the defensive coordinator stuff was a thrill. It really was … There’s some really fond memories I’ll have of it. See, now I’m reflecting. There really are. And we’ll see what happens. I mean, nobody knows what’s going to happen. All I know is we play on Sunday."

Ron Rivera via Clutch Points

It wasn't the easiest situation for Rivera, there's no getting away from that. This was the only realistic path to getting work immediately after being fired by the Carolina Panthers. At the same time, things haven't progressed in terms of the on-field product or state of the roster. That - above all else - indicates change is coming.