Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Eric Bieniemy, Brian Branch and Pro Bowl voting

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Brian Branch
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Commanders players unhappiness with Eric Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy's intent to shake up the Washington Commanders and raise standards across the board haven't gone as many - including himself - had hoped. While there's been some growth offensively, the disjointment is obvious, and constant murmurings of player unhappiness with his methods aren't helping either.

During an exposé surrounding the Commanders' season and what comes next, Jeremy Fowler and John Keim of ESPN stated some of the reasons for this supposed friction. This reportedly stemmed from increased film sessions getting in the way of treatment.

"Among the players' other issues early in the year, per team sources, was that afternoon offensive meetings frequently ran long and got in the way if players needed treatment. Bieniemy's initial concession was to allow players to use foam rollers on the floor of the meeting rooms to save meeting time, per a team source. In recent weeks, Bieniemy has relaxed some of the demands, including shortening Wednesday practices from two hours to closer to an hour and a half."

John Keim and Jeremy Fowler, ESPN

Some of these Commanders' players have been institutionalized in mediocrity or worse for so long. Bieniemy is exactly what this franchise needed, but there is a level of softness and an unwillingness to commit that even the two-time Super Bowl winner couldn't remove.

Whether Bieniemy gets the head coaching job or not, this attitude shouldn't go unnoticed by the new decision-makers. Don't be surprised to see major personnel changes on this side of the football before 2024.