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Sean Taylor
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Commanders honor Sean Taylor

Monday marked the 16th anniversary of Sean Taylor's sad passing. The iconic safety was on track for a Pro Football Hall of Fame career before it was cruelly short due to a break-in gone wrong, but his legacy remains across the fanbase and those fans who were fortunate to see him play.

Previous owner Dan Snyder botched the Taylor tribute with that awful supposed statue. But the Washington Commanders were quick to remember the solemn moment by honoring the defensive back on social media.

Two posts brought the emotions right back to the surface. There's just no telling what the hard-hitting presence who took no prisoners could have accomplished entering his prime, with many still rightfully believing that the former Miami standout was one of the finest players of his generation.

This was just a few days removed from a touching, inspiring video from Taylor's daughter before the Commanders' Thanksgiving game at the Dallas Cowboys. November 27 is always one tinged with extreme sadness for everyone associated with Washington, but it's great to see the defensive back remembered accordingly so long after his untimely death.

Taylor's legacy will live through the ages. That's the biggest compliment anybody could pay such a special person.