Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Emmanuel Forbes, Efe Obada and Sean Taylor

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Sean Taylor
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Commanders CB Emmanuel Forbes' blow

It hasn't been the best rookie campaign for Emmanuel Forbes. The gifted cornerback struggled to find form during his baptism of fire into the league, and the first-round selection was dealt another cruel blow that prevented him from suiting up at the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving afternoon.

When discussing Forbes during his media availability on Monday, head coach Ron Rivera conceded via USA Today Sports that the elbow injury sustained by the Mississippi State product was significant. Something that could see him sit out Washington's remaining fixtures depending on advice from the team's medical staff.

"He did have a pretty significant injury there, and so we’ll see how he is and how treatments are going, and from there, we’ll decide, or the training staff and doctors will decide when’s the best opportunity to get him back on the football field."

Ron Rivera via USA Today Sports

Considering the Commanders are one defeat away from another losing season and have nothing much to play for other than pride, it might be worth shutting Forbes down to avoid any long-term damage. That might not be what the first-year pro wants to hear, but keeping the bigger picture in mind is of critical importance.

Anything else is borderline malpractice at 4-8 with only five contests left to navigate.