Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Dan Snyder, fan impact and Terry McLaurin

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Ron Rivera lauds Commanders DL

It's been great to see the tempo rise and standards increase gradually throughout Washington Commanders training camp so far. Whether coaches are more methodical in their approach or vocal such as Eric Bieniemy, it's having the desired effect leading into preseason games and the team's upcoming joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens.

Getting to focus primarily on football matters rather than any unnecessary distractions has seen Ron Rivera's weight lifted. He's on point with everything, taking a keener interest, and walking around with a demeanor that suggests the respected head coach is enjoying life once again.

When asked what's stood out to him over Washington's camp to date, Rivera was quick to acknowledge his defensive line and what an asset it could be to the Commanders in 2023 via the team's website.

"I love what we're seeing on the defensive line. I think, you know, you see how [DE] Chase [Young] and [DT] Jonathan [Allen] and [DE] Montez [Sweat] and [DT] Daron [Payne] have just picked up where they left off. I mean, that's a huge plus for us. Then look at the offensive line, it's a work in progress because it's five different guys working together and we got to build that coordination, you know, they got to show me that and that's what we're looking for."

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Getting Chase Young back is the missing piece of the puzzle. The defensive end looks sharp and is no longer sporting the Robocop-style knee brace that restricted movement upon returning from his serious knee complication, which is another tremendous asset for a front four or five with lofty ambitions.

If the Commanders' defensive line stays free of injuries next season, one would be hard-pressed to envisage any scenario other than pure domination.