Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Chase Young, Brian Robinson Jr., and Sam Howell

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Chase Young
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Commanders DE Chase Young hits back

Another bright spot is the performance of Chase Young. The defensive end's come through the last four games unscathed on the injury front and seems to be back to his explosive self despite the Washington Commanders going through some complications on this side of the football currently.

This vaunted defense has coughed up 144 points over the last four games. An unacceptable number that's seen Jack Del Rio's predictable schematic concepts and his stubbornness regarding adjustments come under the microscope.

Ron Rivera apparently isn't planning to make alterations to the staff. But it wouldn't be surprising to see the head coach have more input defensively given his background, Del Rio's recent struggles, and the abundance of talent at his disposal.

When asked about what's going wrong right now, Young leaped to the defense of his coordinator via Clutch Points, stating that the players have to execute better when push comes to shove.

"It’s nothing on [Jack] Del Rio. He made good calls today. … It’s on us as players. Just got to start faster and hold each other accountable."

Chase Young via Clutch Points

Young should be commended for defending his coach, but the film doesn't lie. Del Rio needs to start maximizing the tools at his disposal more effectively to ensure the Commanders don't go into freefall over the next 12 games. Otherwise, he'll likely be searching for alternative employment when the campaign concludes.