Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Antonio Gibson, Jason Wright and winning NFC East

Antonio Gibson
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Commanders tipped to win NFC East in 2023

The Washington Commanders have a lot of pressure on their shoulders in 2023. Having new owners to impress raises the stakes exponentially, although head coach Ron Rivera has been keen to maintain a business-as-usual approach despite all the speculation and working with one hand tied behind his back.

Rivera hasn't enjoyed a winning season as yet since joining the Commanders. He does possess a division title to his name, but no more than that as the team continues to tread water.

Things could legitimately go either way. But a recent feature from put forward a notion that suggested the Commanders could defy the odds and win the NFC East next season.

"The Commanders have one of their most talented rosters in the last decade. With their roster already young and full of talent, the Commanders didn’t need to make fancy moves during the offseason to get better. All they needed was better coaching, and they got that by bringing in former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator and two-time Super Bowl champion Eric Bieniemy. While the Washington Commanders quietly improved their roster this offseason, the same cannot be said for their division rivals. This gives an opportunity for the youngest team in the NFC East to come out on top."

This was a pretty bold statement considering how competitive the division is and the fact it harbors the current defending NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles. Although it would be surprising - to put it mildly - this is a time for hope and expectation as Dan Snyder's dark cloud lifts.