Commanders News: Montez Sweat, Rick Walker, Ron Rivera and Eric Bieniemy

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Eric Bieniemy and Antonio Gibson
Eric Bieniemy and Antonio Gibson / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Former TE blasts Commanders players

Obviously, the claims about some players being unhappy with Eric Bieniemy's overall approach came with accusations of a soft mentality within the locker room. Players such as Kamren Curl refuted this on social media, but it's not hard to see why this could be the perception in the wake of such revelations.

The saga also drew the wrath of former Washington tight end Rick “Doc” Walker, who made his feelings about how things went down clear in no uncertain terms during an appearance on The Al Galdi Podcast via USA Today Sports.

"Now we have a new attitude, though some seem to have gotten their feathers ruffled over Bieniemy. I just hope he keeps doing what he is doing. Anybody that has ever gone from bad teams to good teams understands why bad teams are stuck on stupid. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to keep getting the same results. All I care about is if we are better in September than we have been since Ron Rivera has run the team. We have got to be better in September. In order to do that, it gets ugly in the process. It’s not going to be perfect. You have to go through some tough times. I just want all the whiners that think EB’s practice. EB is training you to be a champion. I know it is foreign to a lot of these sissies, but the bottom line is that was pathetic what went down."

Rick Walker via USA Today Sports

Having been a player in the 1980s, Walker is an old-school character. But the game has changed a lot since then and Bieniemy's coaching style might not work with those that prefer an arm around the shoulder as a method of encouragement.

As previously stated, Bieniemy is a winner with two Super Bowl rings. If those whining about being ridden too hard don't want to sacrifice for the greater glory with so much on the line for many next season, then they know where the door is.