Commanders News: Montez Sweat, Rick Walker, Ron Rivera and Eric Bieniemy

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Eric Bieniemy and Antonio Gibson
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Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy's transition

There are still some murmurings of discontent across the media after Ron Rivera's recent comments about certain players reportedly being unhappy with Eric Bieniemy's coaching methods. While they were ill-advised and caused another unwarranted distraction, the head coach clearly felt that everything got blown out of proportion at a time when the attention was starting to focus firmly on football once again.

It seems to be water under the bridge now. A notion seconded by Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, who stated via Yardbarker that this incident shouldn't keep the duo of Rivera and Bieniemy from working together cohesively - although the insider acknowledged that it's been something of a rude awakening for coaches and players alike throughout this early transition.

"The Ron Rivera–Eric Bieniemy dustup last week wasn’t ideal, but I don’t think in the end it’s going to affect much. The bar is high for the current Commanders brass to stay in place past 2023, and those guys know they have to win with new owner Josh Harris now entrenched. What’s said in August, to me, won’t make or break their ability to do it. I can say, on that subject, for the offensive coaches Bieniemy inherited, there was a period of adjustment, but over time he showed them the method behind the urgency, energy and accountability he was trying to instill. I’d assume the same goes for the players."

Albert Breer via Yardbarker

Bienieny is a winner who demands excellence from himself and his players. Some might not like it, but the results are there for all to see.

When prolific stars such as Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and Tyreek Hill are going to bat for Bieniemy, it's noteworthy. After such inept offensive output last season, this is the disruptor Washington needs.