Commanders News: Magic Johnson, Ron Rivera, Sam Howell and Week 13

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Magic Johnson
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Commanders plan for Tyreek Hill

Stopping stud wide receiver Tyreek Hill from making plays is almost impossible. The electrifying pass-catcher is well on course for 2,000 receiving yards after a memorable campaign up to now, so the task couldn't be greater for a Washington Commanders secondary renowned for conceding significant yardage downfield.

Hill is a conundrum most cannot solve thanks to his elusiveness and incomparable speed. When discussing what the Commanders could do in pursuit of limiting the wideout's influence, head coach Ron Rivera stated that plenty of help would be coming for the cornerbacks throughout another sold-out affair at FedEx Field via Sports Illustrated.

"Stay deep. I mean, you have to make sure there's somebody over the top of him. I think it also tells you that you’ve also got to make sure that you are playing to your leverage. You have to understand where your safety help is, where the linebacker help is, or where the corner’s helping if he's inside. I mean, you have to know those things going in if you're the one that's over the top of him or inside of him, or outside of him."

Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated

The Commanders must also account for Jaylen Waddle in addition to the running back tandem of Raheem Mostert and De'Von Achane. Not exactly the easiest proposition, but defensive improvements could potentially arrive now that Rivera is calling the shots following his decision to fire coordinator Jack Del Rio.