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Sam Howell earned Commanders QB1 tag

Sam Howell was challenged constantly by head coach Ron Rivera throughout the offseason. The Washington Commanders gave him every opportunity to become the team's starting quarterback, but they also made him earn every privilege coming his way heading into a critical campaign for the franchise.

Howell's answered almost every question throughout the summer and is clearly growing in confidence. There's a different aura around the former fifth-round pick now than at any stage since he joined the Commanders, which made the decision to officially name him the start an easy one.

When talking about Howell's progress this offseason, former tight end Logan Paulsen stated via USA Today Sports that Howell has earned the right to call himself QB1. And the Commanders are betting on his upside rather than the dependability Jacoby Brissett provides under center.

"This is something he has earned; this is something he deserves. He is a little more physically talented than Jacoby…So they are hoping that develops into something more. It is something you are always navigating and negotiating as a coach. This guy (Brissett) is ready, but this guy (Howell) behind him will be a better player long term."

Logan Paulsen via USA Today Sports

Howell has a huge opportunity awaiting him. Washington has an abundance of talent at the skill positions and a dynamic play-caller in Eric Bieniemy, although much will also depend on the offensive line and whether they can provide the North Carolina product with enough time to go through his progressions effectively.