Commanders news: Kliff Kingsbury, Eric Bieniemy, Nick Chubb and TE plans

Delving deeper into the latest Commanders news and rumors from around the media.

Nick Chubb
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Eric Bieniemy's stance

Eric Bieniemy came out swinging after bowing out of the NFL. The former Washington Commanders offensive coordinator took a job with UCLA after being spurned by the league once again. His email to the media was defiant, with the respected figure stating that refusing to alter his methods is something he's proud of despite not reaching the eventual goal of becoming a head coach.

Bieniemy also revealed via USA Today Sports that he was not fired by the Commanders despite reports. According to the play-caller, he chose to walk away. But he has no regrets whatsoever about leaving the Kansas City Chiefs for full offensive control.

"I have no regrets with the Commanders. Contrary to what some think and what has been put out in the media, I was not fired. I actually just chose not to stay. Learned a lot and that is always a good thing."

Eric Bieniemy via USA Today Sports

This is a major contradiction to the comments made by new head coach Dan Quinn. He said that there was a face-to-face meeting between the two where Bieniemy was told Washington would be going in a different direction. This was swiftly followed by the appointment of Kliff Kingsbury to succeed the two-time Super Bowl winner.

Perhaps Bieniemy is just trying to save face as he waves goodbye to the NFL. Regardless of the intention, it might be a long time - if at all - before we see Bieniemy on the sidelines at the next level again.