Commanders News: Josh Harris, Terry McLaurin, Chase Young and stadium plans

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Josh Harris willing to learn with Commanders

Josh Harris and his ownership group weren't going to make landmark changes across the board immediately. We are too close to the 2023 season and it's also worth remembering that training camp begins this week with plans in place long before.

Harris plans to assess everything associated with the Washington Commanders in the coming months while also taking care of more pressing matters. Something that was reflected with the impressive new bleachers situated by the practice field in Ashburn that went down a storm once revealed on social media.

In terms of the football side of things. Harris spoke to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated about learning, getting to know everyone, avoiding any urge to meddle, preaching patience over his first season, and seeing where things go from there.

"It’s being a fly on the wall to a large extent. I’m not gonna be watching the 40-yard dash and calling plays. It’s about starting to get to know the staff, the key staff and key players, and then understanding the decision-making that’s going into the roster and how they’re configuring the team and going from there. And look, this year is a big year for the franchise obviously, and we’re gonna learn a lot. So I think it’s unlikely that you’ll see us, or me, meddling early. We’re going to be watching the results and what happens. Obviously, we know how to build sports franchises that win over the long run. We’ve done it. It takes a while. We have to see what we have."

Josh Harris via Sports Illustrated

This is the right attitude to have. But that doesn't change the fact Ron Rivera is going to be under enormous pressure to start making improvements in terms of results during Year 4 of his tenure.