Commanders News: Josh Harris, Sam Howell, Emmanuel Forbes and Terry McLaurin

Eric Bieniemy and Terry McLaurin
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Expectations for Commanders QB Sam Howell

It seems as if Ron Rivera is betting the house - and his job - on Sam Howell becoming a productive starting-caliber quarterback for the Washington Commanders in 2023. It's a big gamble, but one that could bring significant rewards if everything goes well with Eric Bieniemy calling plays.

The former fifth-round selection performed well in Week 18 against the Dallas Cowboys and seems to be transitioning to the No. 1 role well throughout early off-season workouts. There is plenty of hard work ahead and it won't always be a bed of roses, but hopes remain relatively high this could finally provide some much-needed stability under center.

When asked about Howell and what he expects from the North Carolina product next season, Rivera stated via Sports Illustrated that the primary objectives center around game management and reacting well to how a particular contest is evolving from down to down.

"He's a good decision maker, I think he throws a good ball. It's really just about understanding what is expected. You need a position where a guy, first and foremost, can manage a game and understand how the temp of the game is going and recognize when he has to make a play to help us win a football game or when he can take control of a game and slow the tempo down or speed the tempo. I mean, those are things that you hope quarterbacks get and I think he does have that. I really do. "

Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated

Howell is developing chemistry well with his teammates and emerging as a leader. It hasn't been perfect, but there is plenty of time throughout the summer to iron out any issues before the Commanders begin their 2023 regular-season commitments against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1.