Commanders News: Josh Harris, Sam Howell, 2020 redraft and injuries

Examining the latest Commanders news and rumors from around the media.

Josh Harris
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Commanders plans under Josh Harris

Josh Harris is a busy man. He's currently forming a concise plan to get the Washington Commanders back into contention. Once the season concludes, it won't be long before these ambitious moves become public knowledge.

Many anticipate head coach Ron Rivera to be let go. General manager Martin Mayhew is another on the chopping block. Many players are also going to be seeking alternative employment when push comes to shove.

When discussing Harris' plans for the future, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated stated via USA Today Sports that Washington's new ownership group is aiming to model themselves on a stable operation not too far away. Specifically, copycatting how the Baltimore Ravens go about their business.

"We’re all learning on the fly about Commanders owner Josh Harris, who was accompanied by one of his limited partners, Mitchell Rales, at this week’s league meetings in Dallas. And one thing I learned down in Texas over the last few days could at least color how the next couple of months go with the new owners and their team — Harris likes how the Commanders’ beltway rivals from Baltimore do business."

Albert Breer via USA Today Sports

Nobody would be complaining too much about this. The Ravens draft well. They take care of their own. They reward productive performers and make smart decisions in free agency. They prioritize the trenches.

Wouldn't that be a refreshing change of pace?