Commanders News: Josh Harris, Sam Howell, 2020 redraft and injuries

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Josh Harris
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Commanders QB Sam Howell's future

Sam Howell's future beyond the current campaign looks murky at best. He isn't alone in that regard, but the quarterback's benching in Week 15 at the Los Angeles Rams has placed the microscope firmly on the former fifth-round selection out of North Carolina.

When discussing Howell's future, assistant head coach/offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy highlighted the benefits of getting another year within the system based on comments via SB Nation. But with big changes looming to the staffing infrastructure, nobody could say that with any great confidence.

"Oh, it’ll do wonders because it’ll be one of those deals that, he’s been there and done that. Now, would it be one of those years where you’ll just say, he’s the next Hall of Fame quarterback? I’m not going to say that, but just the growth, having the conversations, and as we’re talking, I know he could piece together the sentence and the statements that I’m going to make to him. So that’s, that’s very important. He’s still continuing to learn the system. There’s other things he has to learn, too. There’s a lot of complex defensive coordinators out there that are going to present different issues to him. And that’s a major test each and every week. Not only is he being tested by us and being evaluated, but on top of that, he’s being tested by what he’s seeing every single play. A second year would be outstanding because it will help him to continue that growth process."

Eric Bieniemy via SB Nation

Bieniemy is also facing an uncertain offseason for differing reasons. Another team could finally make him a head coach. He could just as easily be made surplus to requirements once the Commanders appoint their next head coach.