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Commanders players praise Ron Rivera

It was a dignified exit for Ron Rivera. His firing was a foregone conclusion from a long way out, but it was handled impeccably by all parties involved and left a good impression in terms of how Josh Harris' ownership group plans to treat their employees.

The Washington Commanders were never going to keep Rivera around after a fourth-straight losing season. Judging by how most players spoke about their former head coach this week, it's clear he was held in the highest regard despite the team's struggles.

All-Pro special teamer Jeremy Reaves highlighted the adversity Rivera overcame as the primary reason for inspiration based on comments via the team's website. Something the defensive back believes doesn't get the credit it deserves.

"He doesn't get credit enough for the man he was and is. What he's been through and what he's had to weather alone with cancer and COVID and ownership changes and the whole nine yards. And he showed up every day. It inspired me, despite what I was going through in my life, to just continue to show up every day."

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Whether this is the end of Rivera's coaching career remains to be seen. It's been a hard four years for a multitude of different reasons. Perhaps some time away to rest and reflect is the best route forward unless an offer he cannot refuse arrives.