Commanders News: Josh Harris, Ron Rivera, Khaleke Hudson and skill positions

Khaleke Hudson
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Commanders skill position players ranked

One of the biggest factors that attracted Eric Bienieny to the Washington Commanders was the skill position talent. There was work needed along the offensive line and with Sam Howell at quarterback, but the scope for growth is there for all to see looking at other offensive position groups.

Bieniemy has the experience and is proven to bring the best out of his players through high motivation and exceptional standards. Much will depend on whether Howell meets his end of the bargain, but regression seems highly unlikely when one factors everything into the equation.

This was not a sentiment echoed by Bill Barnwell of ESPN, who ranked Washington's skill position players at No. 21 with those around the league. The writer declared that although the potential is there and Terry McLaurin is a stud, some unknowns meant placing them higher was difficult.

"Outside of those players, there's not much to love in Washington. Curtis Samuel was healthy a year ago, but his gadget style of play has made him one of the league's least efficient receivers. Dyami Brown had his role in the lineup usurped by Dotson. Tight end Logan Thomas, who turns 32 this summer, continued to struggle with injuries and had an anonymous season. If Dotson or Robinson emerge as an above-average starter in 2023, the Commanders should push above the league-average mark."

Bill Barnwell, ESPN

Bieniemy and Howell are the keys to this equation. If they live up to their billing, then everything around them should fall into place.