Commanders news: Josh Harris, Ron Rivera, Jahan Dotson and Eric Bieniemy

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Josh Harris
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Josh Harris' grand plans

Josh Harris wasted no time in putting his grand plans for the Washington Commanders in motion once the team's 2023 regular-season commitments ended. There was a clear desire to make everyone aware this once-proud organization was going to do everything in its power to become a force after so long in the proverbial wilderness. A night and day mindset compared to how Dan Snyder ran things into the ground.

Harris spent time speaking to reporters as news continued to come out about potential head coach and front office targets. Among the highlights were the attractive destination Washington's become and how long this project might take based on comments via the team's website.

"From my point of view, we are coming out of this poised for a great future. We've got a lot of draft capital, a lot of cap space, and I'm lucky enough to be supported by an amazing ownership group. This is probably one of the most important jobs I have as a Managing Partner. It's important that I do this personally and we get this right and we bring in the right leadership. Obviously, if we could write the script, it would be a quick turnaround. But on the other hand, you have to make long term decisions and do things one percent at a time, one athlete at a time. Sometimes, they take longer. I find that when you do things quickly, sometimes you set yourself back. And so, my orientation is to make the right decisions and let the timeframe take its own course. I want a winning franchise quickly, but on the other hand, for me it's about making the right decisions."

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Rome wasn't built in a day, as the old saying goes. If it happens quickly - which is possible with the cap space and draft capital - that's the best-case scenario. If not, the fans should relax safe in the knowledge Harris is laying the foundations for sustainable success long term.

Exciting times ahead.