Commanders News: Josh Harris, Magic Johnson, Dan Snyder and rookie deals

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Dan Snyder's final statement before Commanders departure

Nobody will look back on Dan Snyder's 24-year spell as Washington Commanders owner with any great fondness. This is a man who cut corners, alienated an entire fanbase, enveloped the franchise in scandal, and offered no accountability whatsoever for his actions - so the relief and enthusiasm that came following the NFL sale vote spoke volumes.

Snyder might be walking away with a healthy profit, but the $60 million fine he received following the Mary Jo White report will have stung. And yet, in a statement released just before the sale become official, the Snyders offered no apology or remorse for how things turned out via USA Today Sports.

"We are proud to have built the most diverse leadership group of any NFL Team, including having the highest representation of women, underrepresented groups, and the first full time black female coach in League history. Being stewards of this historic organization for the last quarter century has been the privilege of a lifetime. When we purchased the team nearly 25 years ago, Dan was quoted as saying “I’m a fan. A huge fan. It’s that simple.” That is as true today as it was then. During our next chapter, we are looking forward to spending time with family and devoting our energy to the causes that matter very much to us, including furthering our long-standing support of breast cancer research."

Dan and Tanya Snyder via USA Today Sport

Talk about being oblivious to your circumstances. But in many ways, this final statement was an insight into how Snyder approached his time as owner - with his head in the sand and very little substance to back up his big claims.

Thankfully, Commanders fans and the franchise can move forward in a positive manner not seen for more than two decades.