Commanders News: Josh Harris, Dan Snyder, Sam Howell and Ron Rivera

Dan Snyder
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Jim Irsay on Commanders sale timeline

Anyone hoping for a quick resolution to the sale agreement after an exclusive contract was signed by Dan Snyder and Josh Harris will be out of luck. There are many complexities to his particular arrangement, which stem from the number of investors within the ownership group and the ongoing allegations/investigations centered on the outgoing figurehead.

While it would be surprising if Harris' group weren't given the green light at some stage, it could take several more weeks to quash any doubts. Especially if Jim Irsay's comments via John Keim of ESPN are any indication.

"There are certain criteria that has to be met. That's just the way it is. It's not there yet. It doesn't mean it can't get there. It's complicated. Everyone knew the rules up front, what the league rules are. Everyone is trying eagerly with the same amount of effort. The Harris group knows we have to stay within the guidelines. We're hopeful that we can get it done. But … it's going to take probably several more weeks of discussions before we see if we can reach the goal line there. We're hopeful; we want to keep working in that direction. "

Jim Irsay via ESPN

NFL owners are in a precarious position here. On one hand, they have a real sense of urgency to rid themselves of Snyder but must also do their due diligence to ensure everything checks out where the Harris group is concerned.

Irsay added that the owners were hoping to cement the transaction before Week 1 rolls around. That might be a little later than most of the fanbase hoped for, but as long as there is a successful resolution that signals the dawning of a new era, it won't matter.