Commanders News: Jonathan Allen, Terry McLaurin, Chase Young and Brock Bowers

Jonathan Allen
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Commanders DT on newfound energy

While there were some established stars missing from the opening portion of OTAs, it was a decent turnout overall as the Washington Commanders look to lay the foundations for a successful 2023 campaign. According to one of the team's most productive players, there is a different energy around the building that can hopefully be the springboard for better things.

When speaking to the team's website, defensive tackle Jonathan Allen stated via USA Today Sports that something feels different this time around. Perhaps it's the impending sale or the introduction of Eric Bieniemy, but the former first-round pick senses a notable change compared to previous preparation periods.

"I’m excited to be out here, and really loving the energy and excited about what’s to come. I don’t know; it just feels different. Again, I’m excited, you never wanna get too excited before the season starts because every year, every team is 0-0, and we have a lot to prove and a lot to improve on, but I like where we’re starting at, and we’ll see what happens."

Jonathan Allen va USA Today Sports

This is undoubtedly a positive after so much dejection and abject misery under Dan Snyder's leadership previously. Having new ownership on the brink of having their transaction approved by the NFL is bringing about an added sense of urgency that's having a positive effect on practice, which can only be a good thing.

Allen has been around a lot of bad or indifferent football teams since joining the Commanders. It's time for that to change as the two-time Pro Bowler enters his prime.