Commanders news: Jayden Daniels, Josh Harris, Adam Peters and draft beef

Delving deeper into the latest Commanders' news and rumors from around the media.
Jayden Daniels
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The Washington Commanders are enveloped in speculation, rumors, and everything in between as the 2024 NFL Draft gets ever closer. It's becoming tiresome for most - especially with no direct clues about which way those in power are leaning with the No. 2 overall selection. Most are ready for this saga to conclude and to throw their support behind whichever quarterback comes into the fold.

Peters is probably looking at how things are unfolding with a wry smile. The football operation in Washington is tight-lipped and has no leaks whatsoever. Looking at how the media benefitted from Dan Snyder's incompetent process, it's something they're not used to and frustrations are building as a result.

That won't matter to the Commanders, who are doing things their way and care very little about the opinions of those without direct involvement. While we wait for further developments, the stories causing conversation include Washington potentially being locked in on Jayden Daniels, Josh Harris' participation in the pre-draft evaluations, Adam Peters on the process, and quashing a perceived beef.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Commanders draft beef quashed

Much has been made about the Washington Commanders bringing in all four quarterback candidates together for visits. It's an unusual method, but one Adam Peters had experience with previously. Something he felt was the right thing to do in pursuit of providing additional clues about which signal-caller could spearhead the franchise back to prominence.

This reportedly didn't sit well with Jayden Danies' representatives according to some. However, Ralph Vacchiano from FOX Sports stated that this perceived beef was overblown and the two sides have spoken since to clear the air.

"I don't know if QB Jayden Daniels wants to play for the Commanders or would prefer another team. But the flap about his agent being unhappy about the group QB visit to Washington is a bit overblown.

"The two sides have talked since, per sources, and settled any issues."

People are trying to make something out of relatively nothing here. Daniels remains in strong contention to be Washington's pick at No. 2. While it's not a done deal just yet, this situation is unlikely to deter those in power from their current path.