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Jayden Daniels' lofty comparison

As previously mentioned, Jayden Daniels is the hot name to become the Washington Commanders' next franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall. The LSU prospect is a game-changing presence under center with plenty of college experience. Some argue that Drake Maye has more long-term upside, but Adam Peters cannot go wrong with either once Caleb Williams goes to the Chicago Bears.

Former NFL head coach Herm Edwards discussed Daniels' credentials in greater detail when speaking to News7 D.C. recently. He highlighted the player's positives, even comparing the incoming college recruit to Randall Cunningham based on comments via Fan Nation.

"He's very motivated. He's constantly searching for knowledge. He played 56 college games [and] that's a lot of experience for a quarterback coming out of college. He understands the temperature in the room when he's supposed to lead. Jayden [Daniels] is good with the players. He will be good in the huddle.

"He's more like Randall Cunningham and that's good. Similar traits, same height, same attributes [and] very good throwing the long ball down the field."

If the Commanders go with Daniels and he ends up having the sort of career Cunningham put together, nobody will be complaining too much. Washington has to work on a plan to ensure he avoids unnecessary hits given his frame, but improvements made to the offensive line should also help immediately.

This should be easily eradicated and the Commanders have two accomplished coaches - Kliff Kingsbury and Tavita Pritchard - steering him in the right direction. Aside from that, there aren't many flaws in Daniels' game. He's also renowned for his locker room leadership and ability to make everyone around him better.

Daniels won't be on the board long if the Commanders decide on someone like Maye or J.J. McCarthy. He's a lock for the top five and comes into the league as a Day 1 starter with exceptional promise. It's been a long time since Washington had someone like that manning the plate.