Commanders news: Jay Gruden, Jayden Daniels, Marcus Mariota and Efe Obada

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Jay Gruden on Commanders' QB choice

Everyone has an opinion about which direction the Washington Commanders should go at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. The discourse has become tiresome for most fans, who want the process over with and a new signal-caller to support that has genuine franchise-changing capabilities.

The latest to nail their flag to the mast was Jay Gruden. If the former Washington head coach was part of the decision-making process, he'd be banging the table hard for LSU stud Jayden Daniels based on comments via USA Today Sports.

“I like Jayden [Daniels]. Personally, I just think that he has an elite trait, the speed, and I think he’s gotten better as a passer the last five years from Arizona State to LSU.

“Obviously, he had some better players around him at LSU, but his completion percentage has gone up, and I’ve been impressed (with) the way he stays in the pocket and, when he gets to a second or third progression, throws it accurately. He doesn’t have a natural gifted arm, but he has athletic traits that are very good and he does have a strong enough arm to get the ball to the right people. And, I see him do some good things inside the pocket and outside the pocket. The biggest concern you have on him is his ability to stay healthy, because for him to be a special player in the NFL, he’s got to utilize his legs and be able to take some hits.”

Nothing has been confirmed one way or another. However, momentum is everything at this time of year. This is something Daniels has more than most despite interest remaining in the likes of Drake Maye and J.J. McCarthy.

Daniels would be a significant addition to the Commanders and is riding on the crest of a wave following his Heisman Trophy campaign. He boasts electrifying traits that cannot be taught, with the only potential red flag coming from his slender frame and whether his playing style can withstand punishment at the next level.

It's a guessing game, but Gruden is the latest in a long line of respected figures who think Daniels will be the pick.