Commanders News: Jacoby Brissett, Emmanuel Forbes, Terry McLaurin and Logan Thomas

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Jacoby Brissett
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Commanders CB Emmanuel Forbes playing quicker

Although the Washington Commanders have been taking things easy with Emmanuel Forbes due to a slight injury worry in recent days, the cornerback's impact has been immediate. This is exactly what those in power were hoping for after keying in on his dynamic athletic attributes early in their pre-draft evaluations en route to picking him at No. 16 overall.

Forbes just looks the part in every way. While there are some concerns about the more physical aspect of playing the position - especially against the run - one cannot be anything other than optimistic about what the former Mississippi State standout has displayed so far.

When discussing Forbes' integration recently, Kendall Fuller stated via Sports Illustrated that his defensive back partner is playing much quicker now than during the early stages of Washington's preparations. Something that's also come with a more cerebral approach to preparations and overall anticipation during drills.

"I think he's just starting to play faster. When you first get in there, trying to learn the defense and things like that sometimes you allow your mental process to slow you down. He's been coming out here mentally starting to pick it up faster, so you see him reacting faster to certain plays and certain routes and things like that. So, he's definitely improving each and every day."

Kendall Fuller via Sports Illustrated

Again, there's no need to rush things where Forbes' current complication is concerned. The ballhawk is still participating in certain on-field activities, which indicates it won't become much of a factor by the time Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals rolls around.