Commanders News: Jacoby Brissett, Emmanuel Forbes, Terry McLaurin and Logan Thomas

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Commanders being careful with Logan Thomas

One could forgive Washington Commanders fans for being a little concerned after Logan Thomas missed his third-straight practice on Monday. The tight end's dealt with some injury difficulties over the years, so it's easy to adopt the glass-half-empty approach whenever he's forced to the sidelines.

According to the team, Thomas is dealing with a calf strain and is day-to-day. But given how important the former quarterback is to the Commanders' plans on offense under Eric Bieniemy next season, head coach Ron Rivera is erring on the side of caution based on his comments via Pro Football Talk.

"He’s a guy that we want to be careful with, first and foremost. The thing that we got to be aware of is just he’s an older guy, he is coming off an injury. Yes, it was two seasons ago, but you can’t be too careful, especially in this situation. And in this offense, knowing how vital the tight end is to this offense, we got to be very smart about that."

Ron Rivera via Pro Football Talk

The Commanders did nothing to strengthen their tight-end options this offseason, which could come back to haunt them. Armani Rogers is already out for the year and with Thomas and Curtis Hodges both sitting out currently, Cole Turner is getting a free run to increased responsibilities within a scheme that looks much friendlier than previous seasons.

Hopefully, Thomas can get back sooner rather than later. Time is still on his side, especially considering he wasn't anticipated to play in the preseason to avoid unnecessary complications.