Commanders News: Hard Knocks, Ron Rivera, Chase Young and core ranked

Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio
Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders favored for Hard Knocks?

It's strange that HBO has yet to officially declare who will appear on this year's Hard Knocks. The Washington Commanders are among the list of teams that fit specific criteria and the upcoming ownership change offers an exciting dynamic that could make for superb television this summer.

The Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and Chicago Bears have already made their feelings clear about not wanting to participate. This leaves the Commanders as the only considered franchise that hasn't declared its status on the matter one way or another.

When discussing the topic recently, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk stated that it would be difficult for the NFL to consider the Commanders without highlighting Dan Snyder's departure. The writer also added that the Jets would be the best-case scenario thanks to their talented young defense and the Aaron Rodgers trade.

"The NFL could tell the Bears, Saints, or Jets “tough crap.” The inherent tension from having a team forced against its will to do it could be spicy. The easiest course would be to give the gig to the Commanders. But how could the league (which ultimately runs the show) properly fashion the story of the team without fully delving into the Daniel Snyder angle? If NFL Films tells the truth about the sale of the team, it makes the league bad. If NFL Films brushes any of it under the rug, folks like us will call the league out."

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

Rivera has been part of a docuseries before when the Carolina Panthers participated in All or Nothing on Amazon Prime. But after all the distractions he's dealt with in recent months, it's probably something he could do without.