Commanders News: Eric Bieniemy, Sam Howell, Ron Rivera and Drake Maye

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Eric Bieniemy
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Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy's glowing recommendation

Eric Bieniemy is a few short weeks from finding out if he'll finally become an NFL head coach. The respected offensive mind has shaken things up with the Washington Commanders since his appointment. While some players haven't taken kindly to his methods, others have thrived under his leadership.

One of those is Sam Howell. The quarterback has developed a strong relationship with his play-caller this season, making encouraging strides and performing largely above expectations aside from the odd disappointing performance.

When asked by former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III about Bieniemy's head coaching chances on his weekly podcast, Howell gave a glowing recommendation via Sports Illustrated. Specifically, this centered on his ability to lead and inspire no matter the circumstances.

"For sure, I think Eric Bieniemy will be a great head coach. I've enjoyed working with him as a play caller and offensive coordinator. His ability to lead and his ability to relate to guys and his ability to get the best out of his players is what truly separates him as a coach, but he'll get his opportunity at some point. Not sure when, might be next year somewhere, might be in 10 years. But whenever he gets his opportunity, he'll definitely show people why he should be a head coach for sure. I'm definitely a big fan of his."

Sam Howell via Sports Illustrated

Bieniemy was keen to focus on the now rather than worry about the future when speaking to the media on Thursday. He's got a job to do over the next four weeks. What comes after that is out of his hands.