Commanders News: Eric Bieniemy, Ron Rivera, Sam Howell and Jacoby Brissett

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Eric Bieniemy
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Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy looking for decisiveness

Sam Howell and Eric Bieniemy's relationship has blossomed this season. So when Ron Rivera approached the play-caller about sitting the quarterback in Week 15, it was no doubt tough to take.

Bieniemy hasn't given up on Howell, nor should he. The assistant head coach/offensive coordinator is using this as a teaching moment. Something he stated via Sam Fortier from The Washington Post starts with being decisive and trusting the skills that got the signal-caller this far.

"It's always better to be decisive than to be right, because if you're decisive with the football, guess what, the chances are that you're probably right. That just means you're not second-guessing yourself. I remember this with Patrick Mahomes at once upon a time. Pat at times could see ghosts out there. I'm seeing that with Sam [Howell] and sometimes you can overthink something simple. It's unfortunate that it happens, but the important thing he continues to do is to continue trusting his gut and his instinct and all the fundamentals that he's been taught. That's the major thing I think moving forward, that he's really starting to get a complete understanding of."

Eric Bieniemy via X/Twitter

Bieniemy is running out of time to work his magic on Howell. Bad habits are creeping into his game. The schematic concepts being deployed by the Washington Commanders are being criticized. That's a dangerous combination before going up against one of the league's best at defending the pass.

One thing's for sure, Bieniemy won't shirk the challenge. In fact, it's something that motivates him above all else.