Commanders News: Eric Bieniemy, Chase Young, Ron Rivera and Josh Allen

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Eric Bieniemy
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Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy's confidence

Eric Bieniemy's impact on the Washington Commanders offense has been immediate over the opening fortnight of 2023. His tough love and high standards throughout the preparation period are already reaping some significant rewards, with his masterful play-calling coming in for significant praise last time around at the Denver Broncos.

Bieniemy is well on track to proving his doubters wrong and potentially securing a head coaching position in 2024. His relationship with Sam Howell will go a long way to determining how much success the Commanders could achieve as the campaign goes on, but they're off to the best possible start.

When talking about Howell, it's clear Bieniemy is placing a lot of trust in his inexperienced signal-caller based on comments via Pro Football Talk. He's also fully aware of exactly what the signal-caller needs to thrive on a down-to-down basis.

"I learned a long time ago, learned this as a player and learned it as a coach: If players like certain things, guess what? They’re going to try their best to make it work. So as a coach, you always want to give your quarterback that opportunity to have a ranking in certain situations. That way you’re giving him the green light to take ownership in what we’re doing. That way, this is the play that he chose? He should have a complete understanding of the whats, the whys and the hows, and he should also have a complete understanding of why we believe this play should be successful."

Eric Bieniemy via Pro Football Talk

The Commanders are benefitting greatly from Bienieny's schematic concepts. There is far more pre-snap motion to exploit mismatches than ever before and even though it's early days, Howell has the arm to get the football where it needs to go.