Commanders news: Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, Shaka Toney and draft factors

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Drake Maye
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Drake Maye on Commanders assessments

Much was made about the Washington Commanders taking an unorthodox route to their final assessments. Those in power opted to bring in more than 20 prospects simultaneously for their final visits. This also included the quarterbacks in contention at No. 2 overall spending time together at TopGolf.

Not exactly the traditional method, but it got prospects more relaxed and out of their comfort zone to a certain extent. Jayden Daniels' representatives were reportedly not too pleased - although the air has been cleared since. As for Drake Maye? He seemed to like the way Washington went based on comments via Omaha Productions and CBS Sports.

"It was one of the cooler visits I've been on. We went to a steak dinner spot and you're surrounded with the head coach, general manager, and quarterback coaches. They put us all together to see how we interacted and I got the chance to swing the golf club a little bit.

"I enjoyed it. I got to meet a lot of different guys throughout the process. I think it was a really cool experience for me. We all got our separate time to meet with the coaches we needed to, so it's not like we didn't get to do any of that. We just got to have some fun the evening before. They changed it up. I thought it was pretty sweet."

The entire evaluation procedure can become mundane and tiresome. Players become robotic, especially given how well they are trained for interviews and dealing with the media. This probably gave the Commanders useful insight into their respective personalities, but how much it impacts the pivotal choice is another matter.

Maye is under strong consideration and could have the most upside of any signal-caller emerging from the college ranks this year. The North Carolina prospect might not be ready to start right away, but the ceiling is incredibly high if he polishes potential complications during his initial transition.