Commanders news: Drake Maye, Adam Peters, Ben Johnson and Robert Griffin III

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Adam Peters
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Robert Griffin III draws the line

Robert Griffin III and Jay Gruden provided some off-season entertainment over recent days. The blame game between the pair began earlier this week. Just when it looked like things died down, the former quarterback brought it up on his podcast, leading to another back and forth on social media.

It's another sign of the utter dysfunction that enveloped the now-Washington Commanders in previous eras. Gruden deserves some blame, but Griffin isn't without fault either. Especially if the detailed video published by ex-linebacker Will Compton is any indication.

The former first-round pick out of Baylor seemed to draw a line under the disagreement on Friday. Although the invitation to join his podcast at some stage wasn't rescinded.

"No more back and forth. We all make mistakes and the lessons learned from our past mistakes helps us all grow and become better. As they say, in life it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond. So thank God for it all. Show invite still stands @Coach_JayGruden."

Robert Griffin III via X/Twitter

The whole thing resembled a playground squabble, in all honesty. Dragging up the past isn't doing either Griffin or Gruden any good. Besides, the primary focus of fans should be the future, not the failures of those who wore the famous burgundy and gold previously.