Commanders News: Daron Payne, Dyami Brown, Brian Robinson and Josh Harris

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Brian Robinson Jr.
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Josh Harris' instant Commanders impact

Josh Harris is a man of action, not empty promises. For the Washington Commanders, this is the most refreshing change of pace imaginable after Dan Snyder's reign of scandal and complete incompetence.

It's not just the free beers or the impressive new bleachers at camp. Harris and his team of investors want the Commanders to move forward with a clear sense of direction and transparency after more than two decades cast aside as a proverbial afterthought among their NFL peers.

There is a long way to go and many short and long-term objectives to achieve. But as Ryan McCafferty from Yardbarker stated, having an owner that actually cares about the franchise and its fanbase is good enough for now.

"At training camp, there has been by all accounts nothing but positive energy. Players like Chase Young have spoken glowingly of the new ownership group, and there seems to be a general vibe in Ashburn that is genuinely optimistic for the future -- for perhaps the first time in more than 20 years. Of course, the Commanders will need to win games on the field in order for this honeymoon to last. But for now, fans can take solace in having the biggest thing they've been missing for decades: an owner who cares."

Ryan McCafferty, Yardbarker

Harris' group is taking the next few months to assess and learn the football side of things. They'll also be improving the fan experience at FedEx Field and putting long-term projects such as the new stadium into action.

The Commanders are galvanized across the board thanks to the sale. Letting this positivity go to waste is simply not an option.