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Brian Robinson Jr.
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Commanders RB Brian Robinson Jr.'s differences

Brian Robinson Jr. isn't one to make excuses. Even after suffering gunshot wounds last offseason, the gifted running back took it in his stride, came back quicker than anticipated, and produced some high-quality numbers in extremely difficult circumstances for good measure.

This is a testament to the player's resolve and determination. Robinson admitted recently via Sports Illustrated that he never quite felt like himself last year thanks to obvious reasons, but he's far more comfortable now than at any stage during his brief stint with the Washington Commanders so far.

"From the time I stepped back on the field, I was dealing with all kinds of things going on in my body … All type of things going on in my knee, everything going on in my hip. There wasn’t one time I felt like Brian Robinson. So no, that's night and day from then to now. So, people should expect a lot great things to come when you compare all the things I did while I was limping around all year last year. I feel like I played in a strong role last year and I don't see much adjustment going on. And as far as my role, whatever I'm called on to do. No limits on what I can do."

Brian Robinson via Sports Illustrated

Robinson is expected to fill lead-back duties within Eric Bieniemy's offense in 2023. The former Alabama star has caught the eye at camp thanks to his improvement in the passing game, which could mean a true three-down role is in the offing if the same trend continues.

And after everything Robinson's been through up to now, nobody would begrudge him a little bit of luck.