Commanders News: Dan Snyder, Terry McLaurin, Sam Howell and playoff hopes

Dan Snyder
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What next for outgoing Commanders owner Dan Snyder?

July 20 will be a momentous day in Washington Commanders franchise history. Josh Harris and his new ownership team will finally get their $6.05 billion purchase confirmed by other NFL owners, which will spark jubilant scenes among the fanbase who've craving such a moment for decades.

This will mark the end of Dan Snyder's disastrous tenure with the Commanders. Nobody will shed many tears as he rides off into the sunset with a hefty profit and an ungodly mess left behind, but what comes next for the billionaire remains to be seen.

Snyder's future was discussed by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk recently, who hinted that a second act could be in the offing given how things transpired in Washington. However, there's every chance he just takes his money and runs, never to be seen or heard from again.

"In less than two weeks, Daniel Snyder’s connection to the NFL could be over. So what’s next? Will he simply fade into bolivian? Or will he seek ongoing relevance in some sort of significant — and public — venture? His current legacy is not a good one. He might want to attempt a second act of some sort. Or he might be content to float on his superyacht and enjoy his remaining years. Regardless, there’s a chance he will be forgotten but not gone. It will be interesting to see whether he simply goes away, or whether he tries to find a way to hang around. Even if the vast majority of NFL fans would prefer that he disappear for good."

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

What the outgoing owner does from here on out will be inconsequential to Commanders fans, who'll be moving forward with a sense of optimism and hope not seen for almost 25 years. Snyder's stint with Washington will go down as one of the worst ownerships ever in professional sports, which is an unwanted legacy for someone who lived out his dream of owning the franchise he supported.