Commanders News: Dan Snyder, Sam Howell, Hall of Fame and blackmail

Dan Snyder speaks during the
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Commanders owner Dan Snyder's blackmail PowerPoint

If Washington Commanders fans thought Dan Snyder was going to ride off into the sunset with very little controversy and more than $6 billion in his pocket, they were mistaken. The last 24 hours have been a microcosm of his turbulent spell as owner, which will hopefully come to a final conclusion on July 20 if newfound concerns can be alleviated over the coming days.

This all started with a fantastic piece from Don Van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham of ESPN that detailed how the leaked emails involving Jon Gruden proved to be the catalyst behind Snyder's demise. And in particular, a blackmail PowerPoint document presented to Roger Goodell that was vindictive in nature and another sign that the billionaire was willing to do whatever it takes to save his own skin.

"The rationale, according to a source with firsthand knowledge, was to argue the hypocrisy of league officials judging Snyder. The tactics were so ruthless that some attorneys felt uncomfortable. Although none of the content was sexist, anti-gay or graphic, the signal was clear: If Goodell didn't do what Snyder wanted in terms of handling the Wilkinson report and punishment, these emails and texts would be leaked. Snyder's PowerPoint proved effective. A few top NFL executives had persuaded Goodell to give Snyder a stiff and lengthy punishment. But as the time for announcing Snyder's punishment neared, Goodell began to reconsider. By late June, Snyder was "dictating his punishment" down to every detail, according to a source with knowledge of the deliberations."

Don Vatta Jr. and Seth Wickersham, ESPN

Snyder got what he wanted, but the last year saw further scandals emerge that left him with no option other than to sell up and move on. But the fact Goodell bowed to his demands does make one wonder what exactly was in that PowerPoint presentation.

If Snyder thought this was his power play, it backfired miserably. However, he might have an ace up his sleeve still to play.