Commanders news: Dan Quinn, Kliff Kingsbury, Magic Johnson and hirings

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Magic Johnson
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Commanders hit home-run with Dan Quinn hire

Not everyone approved of the Washington Commanders making Dan Quinn their next head coach. Many thought they were settling after missing out on Ben Johnson and Mike Macdonald. None of that matters now - everyone must get behind the new regime as they look to drag the franchise from the proverbial abyss and back to respectability.

Quinn's arrival has been seen far differently in NFL circles. The latest to throw his weight behind the hire was Tony Romo, who thinks the Commanders struck gold by going in this direction based on comments via Sports Illustrated.

"I think that was a home-run hire. He’s one of the rare coaches who taught me, at this point, because I’ve talked to so many, I’ve learned so much about the game. I’m always inquisitive. I want to learn. When I retired, I wasn’t able to sit there and be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to go coach the defensive backs.’ I know coverages, I knew fronts, but I didn’t know why they were in a five high, six high, why it’s an over or an under front, I just know that they’re in that and here’s how to attack it. Dan, [Bill] Belichick, there are other coaches, too. I love learning, and for me, to be able to learn from a coach is a gift. Dan was one of those guys. They hit a home run there."

Tony Romo via Sports Illustrated

The former quarterback turned CBS Sports analyst got a good vibe from Quinn. He's not alone in that regard around the NFL. Players love him. Coaches respect him. For fans, winning and growing is all that matters.