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Curtis Samuel
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Commanders HC Dan Quinn criticized

Dan Quinn's arrival as Washington Commanders head coach was met with some skepticism. Fans were expecting a bigger, bolder splash under the new regime. That doesn't make him less qualified, but it does mean that the need to hit the ground running is glaring in pursuit of getting everyone onside quickly.

Quinn was the subject of criticism from former Dallas Cowboys head coach Dave Campo recently. He claimed that there was too much of a friendly approach to his coaching methods based on comments via USA Today Sports. He also accused Washington's new man at the helm of failing to hold his players accountable for good measure.

"From a culture standpoint…… I’ll just say one thing this way. I know Dan Quinn very well. I was not in the office, in the building, I’m here in Jacksonville, so I saw a bunch of the games. I saw that game. I’m going a little bit on some hearsay. But I think the one thing about Dan is he’s a fine gentleman, and he’s smart, and his scheme was okay, but he was a little bit too buddy-buddy, I think, with the players, and that’s part of it. You can’t have a lot of accountability if you don’t stand a little bit above it of the people that you’re trying to get to be accountable."

Dave Campo via USA Today Sports

Campo said it himself, it's all hearsay. His leadership credentials are highly respected around the league and one of the big reasons why the Commanders went in this direction. Quinn's heard all the criticism - it's water off a duck's back - but proving people wrong by maximizing his second head coaching chance is paramount.