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Chase Young
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Ryan Fitzpatrick on Dan Snyder's incompetence

Everyone probably has a story to tell regarding Dan Snyder and his staggeringly bad 24 years as owner. Thankfully it now seems like a distant memory, with Josh Harris and his wealthy team of investors breathing new life into the Washington Commanders in a relatively short space of time.

Although Ryan Fitzpatrick's time with Washington was short-lived due to injury, the retired quarterback still had a bizarre tale to tell via The Spun regarding Snyder and the complete chaos that was enveloping the organization on multiple fronts under his watch at the time.

"So, I hurt my hip, was out for the season, so I didn't have a ton of time around the building. And part of the reason why is because that was also the year that the DEA raided the facility and took out a couple of the trainers. So, I didn't really have anybody to rehab me so I had to look elsewhere. That was kind of weird."

Ryan Fitzpatrick via The Spun

It's easy to forget this actually happened when one considers the turbulent events that followed. Disgrace, scandal, and everything in between was the final straw for fans and the league, who made their feelings known and eventually left Snyder with no option other than to sell up.

Hopefully, incidents like the one Fitzpatrick mentioned are firmly a thing of the past under Harris' ownership group. Their professionalism, accountability, and plans for the future dictate as much, which is nothing more than this proud Commanders fanbase deserves after decades of languishing along the NFL's bottom feeders.