Commanders News: Chase Young, Ron Rivera, Joe Theismann and Sam Howell

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Chase Young
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Commanders QB Sam Howell's football acumen

Sam Howell's progress was gradual this offseason as he adjusted to becoming the Washington Commanders starting quarterback in 2023. But once the light finally came on, it was all systems go.

Howell's growing stature under center didn't come easily. The former fifth-round selection had to learn Eric Bieniemy's complex offensive scheme, earn the trust of his teammates, and get fans to believe that he is the guy who can propel this once proud franchise back into contention.

Of course, having supreme intelligence also helps. Something that was brought up by head coach Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated recently. And it's evident the head coach was almost taken aback by the signal-caller's football acumen throughout a highly profitable summer.

"Well, I think the biggest thing, more so than anything else, is really just his whole football acumen. Everything from how good a student he is to a guy that can take what's being called and translate it in his mind as to how to execute. His skillset, I think, is very conducive to a lot of the stuff that we want to do because of his arm talent and then his athletic ability, I think helps and adds on to some of the things that Eric [Bieniemy] wants done."

Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated

Momentum is right where it needs to be around Howell currently. But if the North Carolina product cannot put this to good use when the regular season commences, people will pay with their jobs.