Commanders News: Chase Young, new stadium, Ron Rivera and Emmanuel Forbes

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Commanders CB Emmanuel Forbes' mindset

One of the most fascinating elements to emerge from the first two days of training camp centers on the evolving battle between Emmanuel Forbes and Terry McLaurin. The Washington Commanders are putting their first-round cornerback up against one of the best wide receivers in the business almost constantly, which will hopefully provide the learning curve needed to hit the ground running in Week 1.

Forbes hasn't shirked the significant test and is more than holding his own against McLaurin according to media in attendance. The former Mississippi State star was highly complimentary of the Pro Bowler via the team's website after practice, with his take nothing for granted mentality something else that came to the fore.

"Terry [McLaurin] is one of the top receivers in the NFL. So, he's just going out there, making me better each and every day, and I'm making him better each and every day we compete. He just knows and understands routes and stems and things like that. He knows how to use his eyes well. So, I would say he has a big catch radius, and he's really good at what he does. We all take accountability in everything we do. Of course, I was drafted first round, but we all got to compete each and every day, just like anybody else on the team. We just always around each other and just talking to each other."

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This is the right mindset to have. Forbes knows nothing will be given and he's earned nothing but a big rookie deal since being drafted. However, his production and willingness to take on huge challenges are sure to earn respect among his teammates, which is always the hard part for any rookie no matter where they get selected.

Forbes has star qualities. And it looks like the Commanders are harnessing them effectively so far.