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Commanders HC Ron Rivera slammed

Ron Rivera's recent statement surrounding Sam Howell and potentially starting him sooner as a rookie if he knew how much potential was within the quarterback caused a stir. The Washington Commanders head coach and primary decision-maker had months to assess the 2022 fifth-round selection and he only got a chance in Week 18 against the Dallas Cowboys thanks to Taylor Heinike's intervention.

This was another strange thing for Rivera to come out publicly and declare. It's also not long after his comments regarding Eric Bieniemy and some players not taking too kindly to his coaching methods initially.

Former general manager Michael Lombardi stuck the knife into Rivera during an appearance on The Grant and Danny Show recently. He also stated via USA Today Sports that Josh Harris should be more than a little concerned by his coach's lack of attention to detail.

"What it does is it shows he was seeing practice but was not observing practice. People that are only seeing don’t get anywhere. The quarterback of the Washington Commanders was costing them games. That’s pretty clear. But if you are not paying attention to it, if you are not aware of it. You’re the general manager of the team. That is not a good look for you. New Commanders owner Josh Harris should be concerned now. Did the 2022 coaching staff have a meeting after the first quarter of the season?"

Michael Lombardi via USA Today Sports

Rivera is under enormous pressure this season, so the last thing he needs is unnecessary or negative attention coming his way. But in all honesty, this is something the former linebacker brought on himself.