Commanders News: Chase Young, Josh Harris, Ron Rivera and Magic Johnson

Delving deeper into the latst Commanders news and rumors from around the media.

Chase Young
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Josh Harris making his intentions clear

Mitchell Rales caused a stir earlier this week by officially laying the team's former name to rest once and for all. The ownership partner said it was time to look forward and not back, which will come with disappointment to the 100,000-plus who'd signed a petition demanding the Redskins brand is restored.

While the Washington Commanders' name could change in the future, it'll be something new rather than something old. When probed about the topic on Friday, majority partner Josh Harris stated via The Washington Times that he put the controversial topic to rest in pursuit of ending another unnecessary distraction before the season begins.

"Obviously, I grew up in D.C. and I was there during the glory years, so I understand why fans love the former name. But look, there was a portion of our fanbase that felt disrespected by the former name. And sports are supposed to bring people together. It was becoming a distraction. I don’t want distractions right now. I want all the focus on the players and winning and then secondarily on the fan experience and engagement from the city. … It was starting to kick up, and I thought it was important we end the conversation."

Josh Harris via Washington Times

Harris isn't going to please everyone regarding this matter. Had Dan Snyder done a better job with the original name change things might be different - but it's yet another mess made by the previous regime that must be cleaned up in the not-too-distant future.