Commanders News: Chase Young, Daron Payne, Jacoby Brissett and Ron Rivera

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Commanders preach the importance of education

When Shaka Toney received an indefinite suspension for violating the NFL's gambling policy, it was a blow to the player more than the Washington Commanders given the strength of their defensive front. However, that did not prevent a level of dismay from enveloping the franchise.

Ron Rivera and his staff have been keen to make their players knowledgeable regarding every small detail. They've also been made fully aware of the potential repercussions if rules aren't followed.

The head coach divulged what Washington's plan of attack was when the Toney news broke via Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. This involved re-education, speaking to the league and highlighting the importance of being diligent at all times.

"The first thing we did when it first broke initially, we did have a player that was involved, unfortunately, we reached out to the league and asked them if they had a PowerPoint they could send and share with us. And then we presented to the players. It will be a presentation that we will do during training camp as well again, just so we continue to hammer these things home and be very, very careful that we understand the integrity of the league. We have to be very, very diligent about this."

Ron Rivera via Pro Football Talk

With another investigation ongoing with Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers, it seems as if the gambling problem isn't going away anytime soon. Hopefully, there will be no more complications from the Commanders' end.