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Commanders urged to go 'all-in' for Caleb Williams

The rumor mill is still buzzing about Kliff Kingsbury's arrival as offensive coordinator and what this might mean for the Washington Commanders' plans at the quarterback position. Specifically, the prospect of drafting DC native Caleb Williams.

Williams and Kingsbury are closely linked from their time together at USC last season. The Chicago Bears hold all the cards at No. 1 overall, but Louis Riddick of ESPN urged the Commanders to do everything in their power to acquire the Heisman Trophy winner based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"If you’re sitting there and you’re Washington, and you have Kliff Kingsbury, and Caleb is from the area, and he has a great relationship with Kliff already, and he’s putting on Instagram ‘My dawg,’ don’t overthink some things here. We overthink a lot of things with football; we twist ourselves up a lot of times trying to get to a conclusion that we know ain’t the right conclusion. The right conclusion for Washington is do what you got to do to get this guy on your football team because nobody in your organization, and I mean nobody, knows Caleb like Kliff Kingsbury does. If he gives his stamp of approval, then you move heaven and Earth to try and get in position to draft him because you ain’t going nowhere with the people you got — nowhere."

Louis Riddick via USA Today Sports

Saying it and doing it are two different things. Most around the league expect the Bears to stay put and select Williams. This would leave the Commanders turning their attention to someone like Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels - not bad consolation prizes by any stretch of the imagination.