Commanders news: Ben Johnson, Kamren Curl, Ron Rivera and uncertainty

Delving deeper into the latest Commanders news and rumors from around the media.

Kamren Curl
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Insider throws doubt on Commanders' consensus

Most people around the league - including reporters - seem to believe Ben Johnson will be the next Washington Commanders' head coach. The fact everyone but the Seattle Seahawks took themselves out of the running was a tell-tale sign this could become a reality.

However, one of the most prominent insiders around threw doubt on the consensus.

Adam Schefter of ESPN acknowledged that Johnson is in contention and could get the job. He also revealed via USA Today Sports that he'd be willing to bet that one - perhaps both - rumored coaches for the Commanders and Seahawks won't be accurate when push comes to shove.

"I’m not convinced yet that Ben Johnson is getting the Commanders’ job. I know people have said that he is the presumptive favorite, and he may get the job; he very well may; he is in contention, but that is not a slam dunk at all right now. They are definitely looking at other people, as well. And again, they may come back to Ben Johnson, but I think that they are pretty impressed with (Ravens DC) Mike Macdonald, (Lions DC) Aaron Glenn and (Ravens AHC/DL coach) Anthony Weaver, as well. I think those guys are going to have a legitimate chance to get that job."

Adam Schefter via USA Today Sports

This caused a stir once the Pat McAfee Show clip went live on social media. Schefter has been wrong before, but going against the grain is something to monitor heading into a crucial 48 hours for the Commanders.