Commanders news: Adam Peters, Ron Rivera, John Lynch and QB chatter

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Ron Rivera
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Commanders path to Adam Peters

The Washington Commanders acted swiftly to get their new general manager in place. Josh Harris hired two prominent figures - Bob Myers and Rick Spielman - to assist with this important transition. They identified targets swiftly and struck with conviction once they'd found their guy.

It was perhaps surprising to see things move so quickly, especially considering what fans had been used to under Dan Snyder's incompetent ownership. But upon further examination of Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated's revelations, the level of professionalism and cohesion under the new regime is evident.

"The first round of interviews happened at [Josh] Harris’s offices in Miami. Each candidate spent two and a half hours with [Rick] Spielman, then another two and a half hours with Harris and [Bob] Myers. The group then reconvened to pick two finalists, [Adam] Peters and [Ian] Cunningham, then met with three of Harris’s co-owners—Mitchell Rales, David Blitzer and Magic Johnson—to get a consensus and finalize those two as the leaders who’d get 90-minute second interviews Thursday morning. After that, the larger group met one last time to pick Peters. It was close between the final two, with Peters’s seven years of experience as a No. 2, and the success his 49ers have had serving as a tiebreaker. "

Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

Adam Peters has the credentials and experience with winning organizations. This was a slam-dunk hire in every sense. Something that can hopefully kickstart a more profitable era for one of the league's most storied franchises.

If nothing else, Breer's column highlighted that Harris and his team aren't messing around. There is a lot of hard work ahead, but the statement of intent has already been made.