Commanders key numbers: Doomed once again by a slow start in Week 7

It wasn't pretty...
Jahan Dotson
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What were the key numbers behind a pathetic Washington Commanders performance during their defeat at the New York Giants?

There is a famous quote that says, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

So, is the Washington Commanders' coaching staff insane for starting games the same way week after week, season after season? Or are we, the fanbase, insane, for believing anything will change under the current regime?

Is it too early to give up on the campaign? Because all that excitement and goodwill the new ownership received for ridding the franchise of Dan Snyder seems to be fading away fast. What is replacing it is not disgust, well not yet at least, but a level of apathy.

It's hard not to be indifferent when you watch the Commanders. Time and time again, they've dropped games to far-outmatched opponents. First, it was the embarrassment on Thursday night in the loss to the Chicago Bears. And, then, there was Sunday's reverse to the New York Giants.

The Commanders should have been looking forward to facing Tyrod Taylor as Daniel Jones has a 5-1-1 record against Washington. They should have been salivating to play against a team that hadn't scored a touchdown in 205 minutes and was playing with practice-squad-level players on the offensive line.

And yet, we saw what we've come to expect throughout Ron Rivera's tenure. The team started slow and fell behind early, with the defense giving up too many big plays and the offense struggling to keep Sam Howell upright.

Then, the team caught a lucky break, got some momentum, and had a chance to come back, only to fall short.

The score doesn't tell the full story. The only points the Commanders scored were because they got the ball at the edge of the red zone due to a muffed punt. A sure pick-six was also dropped by the Giants and Howell was lucky to not have more than one turnover.

Jonathan Allen verbalized what every fan has been thinking. Rinse and repeat the Giants' game over and over and over, and it starts to get tiring for the fans, players, and the new ownership group.

Let's get into the key numbers from a frustrating Week 7 loss to the Giants.