Commanders key numbers: Another game slips away in Week 8 vs. Eagles

The Commanders couldn't build on a positive start...
A.J. Brown and Emmanuel Forbes
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What were the key numbers behind another close-fought defeat for the Washington Commanders in Week 8 against the Philadelphia Eagles?

If I told you Sam Howell threw for just shy of 400 yards and four touchdowns while being sacked just once, you’d imagine that being enough for a victory, right? 

What if I added that the Washington Commanders' defense forced two turnovers with the Philadelphia Eagles deep in the red zone, including stopping the infamous tush-push? For sure a victory, right? 

Wrong. Welcome to the life of a Commanders fan, where the margin of victory is so small, that just 1-2 mistakes can overcome a near flawless-executed offensive game plan. 

When you’re nervous with your team up 14-3 late in the first half, that’s a problem. 

When the entire sideline waves incomplete on a crucial fourth-down “catch” by the Eagles, and head coach Ron Rivera is too slow to throw the challenge flag, that’s a problem.

When Terry McLaurin drops two straight passes on a crucial late drive in Eagles territory, leading to a turnover on downs, that’s a problem. 

When Howell has to put his hands over his helmet to hear the play call late in the game - at home no less - because so many Eagles fans are screaming, that is a problem. 

And I don’t envy Josh Harris, who inherited this mess and needs to find a solution sooner rather than later. But the problems keep adding up and changes will surely arrive unless things improve.

Let’s get into the key numbers from a frustrating 38-31 loss to the Eagles.